DKW - The company history from 1902 till 1968

DKW was one of the most famous car and motorbike manufactures in Germany. The history of DKW begins 1902 in Zschopau, Saxonia, with a company manufacturing parts for steam engines, continues with auxiliary motors for bicycles and electric cars and culminates in general motorisation in the fifties. DKW becomes a part of the Auto Union conglomerate, after WW2 it forms part of Mercedes, then of Volkswagen and finally becomes what is now Audi. In the GDR DKW is merged in the Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau and forms the foundation of Wartburg and Trabant, the infamous two stroke cars. Outside germany DKW cars are made under license in South Africa and Brazil. 

DKW not only made some of the most beautiful and interesting cars, also it's history is an example on german economic history in the 20th century. We can only give a short overview here, for a more detailled insight we recommend the pubications from Audi Tradition.

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