About the Club

The DKW-Club Nürnberg-Fürth was founded in 1952 and can look back on a history of over 50 years. It's members meet at every first friday of a month at 8 p.m. in the Restaurant Heidekrug, Waldluststraße 67 in Nuremberg. The quarterly club magazine informs about club life, events organised by the club and by other groups. In addition you can find a section where you can sell or buy parts, cars or motorbikes.

The founders
The first board of 1952:v.l.n.r. Ströber (Secretary), Stiller (Event organiser), Waßman (Director DKW Niederlassung), Siegfried Wünsche (DKW race driver), Tischler (1. president), Funke (2. president)


The board consists of voluntary members, which are elected every two years at the main assembly. The board meets every three months. Members can volunteer to assist the board for various tasks. Events and cruises are organised by our Sportwart, the route and the exercises and proofs are not known in advance by any other club member.

During the year the club organises various events. Besides our traditional car meeting ("Nürnberger Oldtimer Treffen") the year is filled with club evenings, regular assembly, snow cruise, cherry blossom cruise, quizzes, film-nights, wine festivals, christmas parties etc. Trips to museums and car collections are organised regularily.

Membership in the DKW Club Nürnberg-Fürth is not bound to a special car brand, even if we mainly focus on DKW. Everybody who wants to meet people interested in old cars and motorbikes can become member. You don't even need to be  rom Franconia... Membership fee is 25 Euro per year or 37.50 for couples. Members don't need to volunteer for work at club events, but we also don't mind if you'd like to help. Every new member gets a club pin and our club history book "50 Jahre DKW Club" (in german only) for an additional fee of 25 euros.

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